Thinking about introducing time tracking to your organization? This might help!

There is, however, one small problem. Different time tracking software use different pricing models.
Most of them use the #SaaS model, yes. You can also choose if you want to pay monthly or annually.
What separates them is what are they charging you for.

It may be:

  • # of users
  • # of projects
  • # of teams
  • # of tasks

Because of this, the pricing differences can’t be really projected into one chart.
That’s why I’ve calculated the data based on 5 sample model scenarios…

  • 5 people in 1 team working on 5 projects
  • 10 people in 1 team working on 10 projects
  • 20 people in 3 teams working on 15 projects
  • 50 people in 5 teams working on 30 projects
  • 100 people in 10 teams working on 75 projects

… and put them together into one spreadsheet:


Open spreadsheet