I just effectively manage my time.

I use the pomodoro technique.

For shorter tasks, I open the classic timer.

When I get disturbed, I simply pause the timer.

Sometimes, I mess something up. So I simply trash it.

I have a lot of work. What, for how long, for how much?
I assign projects, clients and tags to everything so that I don’t get lost.

What takes up most of my time? What is most profitable? What should I focus on?
I input my hourly rates and check the reports.

Client wants to know for how long I’ve been working for him?
I export my data to a spreadsheet.

Excel with Tomatoid report

Do I forget important tasks?
Not with the todos section.

Sometimes, I’m out of the office with no computer.
That’s when the mobile app comes in handy.

Wanna be more productive and have your time under control?

TOMATOID can help.

Why use it?
Because I am both author and user. I personally use and test it daily. Everything is in one place. Also, if you encounter any problem, you know exactly who to contact.

Start using Tomatoid