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Hold on to your hats, everybody – Tomatoid goes mobile!

It’s my pleasure to announce that Tomatoid goes finally mobile. What a nice Christmas gift from me, right?

Apple users can download the app directly in the App Store.

Android users can visit the web-app tailored for them and pin it to homescreen.

All the mobile options are available at

Get the app

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No worries! This will put you up to speed.

Even though I’m trying to make the app as simple as possible, the number of functions can be overwhelming for someone.

Take this as your quickstart guide. This article describes the main menu of the app.

I will try to describe the top menu from left ➡ right:

Time tracking ? Pomodoro timer – use if you need to finish few big tasks per day (more about the Pomodoro technique here) ⏰ Classic timer – use if you need to finish multiple smaller tasks (< 1h) per day

Tasks ✅ This is basically organized checklist. Every new todo will be added to Inbox and categorized based on: – Due date – Star – Recurrence – Project, client and tag(s)

Tools ? Dashboard – quick summary of your last week/month Timesheet – Advanced filter for all of your completed time entries (from the Timer(s), not todos) Reports – The same thing as the history, but with some really nice graphs, plots and pictures Saved – Saved reports & timesheets Darken – Switches between night/day mode

Manage ? Projects, clients and tags – you can assign every one of them to time entries or todos. It will help you categorize your time entries and todos better. You can also filter using them.

One client can have multiple projects, so the structure should be: – Client X – Project A – Project B – Client Y – Project C However, this is not a rule.

Also, one time entry/todo can have assigned: 0-1 project, 0-1 client, 0-infinity tags.

Import, Export – Here you can set up exporting your time entries to other systems (Trello, Toggl)

If you still have questions, just drop me a line.

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To all fellow Tomatoid users, Pomodoro and productivity freaks:

Hello guys, it’s Petr, the creator of Tomatoid!

I would like to introduce you some of the latest news and updates.

? We are social

First of all, I have created Facebook page and Twitter account. So please, like and follow. Big thanks!

? Get the premium membership for FREE

For students:

Good news. The premium version is now free for all students with valid ISIC card! More info »

For non-students:

Use your referral link and get 7 days of premium membership for every friend registration. More info »

Teachers, charities, non-profits: More info »

? May the color be with you

You can now set 16 different colors for your projects and clients to distinguish them more easily.

Exporting to-dos

Finally, everyone is able to export to-do lists as .pdf, .xlsx, .ods or just print them. Simply use the download button. To-dos »

? Put your to-dos in your calendar

And never miss any important task!

I have prepared new magic button. It generates iCal feed, which you can plug-in into your calendar, and voila! To-dos »

Start the timer from anywhere

New play button can be found almost anywhere – task detail, history, recents, to-dos, … With this feature, you can switch between time entries in the matter of seconds.

? Recurring to-dos

Every todo now can repeat itself. Every day, every week, every month, you name it.

? The mobile app

Is coming out this year. Stay tuned!

That’s it. Thank you so much for your time!

Petr Nagy, creator of Tomatoid

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I am constantly building something new around Tomatoid, mainly from your feedback. That’s the reason for these two June updates.

More alarm sounds

The default alarm sound was too loud or too sharp for some of you. That’s the reason why I’ve added few more sounds to pick from.

Just navigate to the settings section, pick some sound and hit the example button to test it. If you are happy, save it.

12/24 hours format

A lot of Tomatoid users are from the US and it was unfair that they could not switch from 24h format to 12h format. That is fixed now, you can switch the displayed format in the settings section.

Don’t worry, the new task and edit task forms accept both time formats aswell.

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Announcing the new “To-Dos” feature. Track your time and your unfinished tasks in one place for better effectivity.

TL;DR: There is a new to-do section on Tomatoid, available for everyone.

Just add new to-do with a name, that’s it. Additionally, every to-do can also contain:

  • Due date
  • Priority
  • Star
  • Project (for premium users)
  • Client (for premium users)
  • Tags (for premium users)

Every to-do is then cleverly categorized to one of the left-sided folders.

To-Dos view example

Check out the To-dos

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Forgot to start the timer? Studied in the park? Worked outside?

No problem! Just open the timer or pomodoro and use the new add task feature. This works for both timers (classic or Pomodoro).

Add new task directly from the timer interface

Insert new task from the history block

The “new task” popup

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Don’t feel like doing Pomodoro(s) today but still need to keep track of your precious time?

Well, good news! There is a new feature available to everyone. The classic, stopwatch-like, timer.

You can access it from the top menu or the Pomodoro timer interface. See the picture for better image.

Currently supported features for the classic timer:

  • Start/pause counting
  • Finish/interrupt task
  • Reset task
  • Set alarm to play every X minutes
  • Add comments
  • Rename task
  • Add/change project, client, tags

Every task created using the classic timer will show up in the history – exactly like Pomodoro tasks. You can edit/delete them later as you are used to.

Check out the classic timer

Please report any bugs/problems with the new timer via the feedback form. Thank you.

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Almost there! Lots of cool stuff is waiting at the door

Just wanted to inform you that the Tomatoid premium version is finally ready.

Activate your 30 day trial period here (but log in first). If you forgot, you can check out all the premium features here.

Please do not hesitate and report any bugs and glitches via the feedback form.

Final note: Don’t be alarmed! The classic features will remain free forever, as it is said on the homepage.

Activate your 30 day trial

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Heads up, tablet and smartphone users! I have added another tiny but useful feature for everyone.

If you like your work space nice and clean (and you should, because you practice the Pomodoro technique), you can now make even better.

Press the “Less options” button to hide extended task options and the “More options” to make it visible again.

Check out the interface difference on these pictures. (more…)

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In theory, you should not be disturbed after you start your Pomodoro session. Sometimes, however, this is not so easy to accomplish.

This was the most requested feature from your feedback. And it was actually one of the hardest to implement because I did not think of this function a few years ago, when the first version of Tomatoid came out.

How to use it? Simple! After you start the task (green button), it will automatically change itself to pause button. And that’s pretty much it.

This it still pretty new feature. So, if you encounter any problems or bugs, please let me know immediately so I can fix them. (more…)