Tomatoid is a simple online time tracking application. It integrates both the classic and pomodoro timers. Perfect for both short and long tasks. Ideal for freelancers and students.

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What is Tomatoid

The tool

Tomatoid combines time tracking, pomodoro technique, to-do lists, projects, clients, reports and countless other features into one simple web application. Just take a look.

Two different time trackers

To-do lists with dynamic folders

Projects, clients and tags management

Catchy and detailed reports


Want to be more productive?

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Anything else?

There are two versions of Tomatoid: basic and premium. The basic version is forever free.

Every new account receives free 30-day premium version trial period. When the trial period expires, you can either purchase the premium version or continue using the basic version. No data are lost in the process.

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