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The juicy productivity app

Tomatoid combines time tracking, pomodoro technique, to-do lists, projects, clients, reports and countless other features into one simple app.

Try it. It's online. It's free.

  • Super simple interface. Just take a look.
  • Highly customizable pomodoro timer.
  • Notes for each time entry, even retrospectively.
  • Assign projects, clients and tags to each time entry.
  • Working outdoors? Just insert the task later.
  • Optional alarms or ticking sound.
  • Need a break? Just pause the timer and continue later.
  • Everything online, accessible from any device.
Time tracker
To-dos lists
  • Create new to-do with just one click.
  • Set due date so you don't forget what needs to be done.
  • Star your important to-dos or set them a higher priority.
  • Assign projects, clients and tags to each to-do.
  • Inbox, Starred, Today, Overdue and other dynamic folders.
  • Integrated with time tracker, pomodoro and dashboard.
  • Filter to-dos by time, project, client, tag or other signs.
  • Forgot something? Nevermind, just recycle the finished to-do.
  • Manage unlimited number of projects, clients and tags.
  • Pair projects with default client so you save time later.
  • Add your hourly rate to each client, in different currencies.
  • Assign your tags to virtually anything: tasks, to-dos, projects, clients.
  • Quickly check how many tasks or to-dos each project / client / tag has.
  • Lost a client? Just move him to trash and recycle him when he change his mind.
  • Integrated with all other sections.
Projects management Clients management Tags management
  • Whichever project took you the most time?
  • Which clients of yours are the most profitable ones?
  • Filter stats for any timeframe, project(s), client(s) or tag(s).
  • Download all your reports as pdf, .xlsx (Excel) or .ods (OpenOffice).
  • Save all your history filter templates for later use.
  • Or, if you are oldschool, just print all this stuff.
  • Fire up your dashboard every morning and get quick overview of your latest work.
  • Search your entire tasks history using fulltext search.
  • Sync your finished tasks with Toggl or Trello,
    together with paired projects, clients and tags.
  • Choose what to sync and what not.
  • Download your data anytime as pdf or excel file.
Trello and Toggl sync

Anything else?

There are two versions of Tomatoid: basic and premium. The basic version is forever free.

Every new account receives free 30-day premium version trial period. When the trial period expires, you can either purchase the premium version or continue using the basic version. No data are lost in the process.

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